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About Importing to Australia Customs Broker

The Platinum Freight® difference

We aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering a truly tailored service. We take the time and trouble to get to know and understand you and your business, which enables us to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective processes for your needs.

With over 22 years’ experience of dealing with the ABF and the DAWR, we are experts on all relevant regulations and procedures, ensuring the highest levels of compliance at all times. In addition, our global connections enable trouble-free clearance no matter where you are exporting from or to. We regularly provide services to a wide variety of clients who export from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other parts of the U.A.E.

In addition, we are deeply committed to the wellbeing of our staff and the world we live in, adhering to the very highest standards of OHS and Environmental Management as well as stringent quality control.

About Peter McRae

About the Owner

Platinum Freight®’s Founder and CEO, Peter McRae, has dedicated his career to building our company. From humble origins, under his leadership it has grown to become one of Australia’s leading customs clearance agencies.

Peter’s dedication to his work and the industry as a whole has led to him gaining a wealth of qualifications and honours to his name. These include:

  • Certified Customs Broker in Australia and New Zealand
  • Certified Customs Specialist in the USA and Canada
  • Certified Trade Compliance Specialist in Canada
  • Masters Degree in International Customs Law and Administration (University of Canberra)
  • Masters Degree in International Revenue Administration (University of Canberra)

He was also named one of Australia’s top customs brokers at the Shipping and Maritime Industry Awards in 2015.

Highly community-focussed, Peter’s Social Responsibility Program enables him to help individuals and families through the program’s support for a number of charities and community initiatives.

He dedicates his spare time to his son, who he loves playing sport with, and also enjoys travelling and reading biographies.


If you require customs clearance in Australia for your goods arriving from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Platinum Freight ® should be your first choice. Contact us by secure form.

What we do

We’re licensed by the ABF to customs clear import and export cargo from the U.A.E and around the world. We usually perform custom clearances electronically, ensuring a quick process. As soon as we receive a response from Customs, we verify that the goods can be collected from the wharf or airline terminal, ready for delivery to the customer.

As the intermediary between Customs and our clients, the role of our customs brokers is extensive and varied, requiring a great deal of procedural and legal knowledge, which must constantly be maintained, updated and adapted to meet the individual needs of each customer.

Our regular work processes include:

  • Receiving the initial shipping documents from the customer.
  • Ascertaining the arrival date of the goods from the shipping line or airline.
  • Collecting a Delivery Order from the shipping line or airline and paying them any necessary fees.
  • Contacting Customs and the DAWR for any necessary document checks on a Customs clearance file.
  • Adhering to any inspections or examinations required by the ABF or DAWR, or in cases of damage or pillage.
  • Arranging the collection of the cargo from the wharf or airline terminal.
  • Arranging for the goods to be delivered to the customers’ premises.

Once this process is complete, we will liaise with the customer to ensure their satisfaction. This includes providing them with a completed Customs Clearance folder, which the owner of the goods must retain for the amount of time specified by current legislation.

“Words cannot express how happy I was with Platinum Freight Management. As this was my first major import I was very nervous and apprehensive with the whole procedure. Then I contacted Platinum Freight Management who made the process run so smoothly. I would not hesitate in recommending this company and it’s professional team to anyone wanting the services of a customs broker.”

Gary S